Shower Regrout Cleaning and Restoration

For a fraction of the replacement cost, the tile and grout on your shower and bath-surround can look brand new again in one day with amazing results and no mess, guaranteed.

The Grout, Tile & Stone Medic offers a unique process to a beautiful bathroom (any tile surface) that turns your old dull tile and grout into a finished product that is often impossible to distinguish from a brand new installation. All this done in one day with no mess and none of the hassle of replacement.

The Grout, Tile & Stone Medic's, Healthy Solution for your Shower

The Grout, Tile and Stone Medic mixes Laticrete 1776 Admix Plus with our high quality, Laticrete fortified grout in place of water. Laticrete 1776 with Microban additive significantly improves the performance of grout by inhibiting stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Microban was originally designed for use in hospitals to inhibit growth of mildew, mold and bacteria. Independent studies have shown that Microban anti-microbial protection prevents the growth of bacteria up to 99%. Couple the Grout, Tile and Stone Medic's experience and expertise with high quality, long lasting products and you have the best and healthiest solution possible.


Caulking around tubs, showers and countertops keep water from seeping behind walls and into floors. We use high quality, mold resistant caulk.


Apply an Industrial Sealer to the grout lines to help prevent soap and other materials from penetrating into the grout causing the grout to turn dark.